Let me tell you, this video clip is shocking.


If you want to talk about someone who isn’t ready for prime-time, just look at this babbling buffoon who couldn’t even answer a simple question about schools reopening.

It happened on the “Today Show,” when a clearly agitated Savanah Guthrie was trying to get a straight answer about school openings from Kamala.

As you likely know by now, Joe’s admin is all over the map on this very important issue.

Our kids are being destroyed while this dopey administration dithers and sides with the evil school unions.

So, when Kamala was asked point-blank about schools reopening, her response was worst than just “side-stepping” the question, or spinning it as typical politicians do…she literally couldn’t speak.

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Kamala was so deep in the weeds, that she literally couldn’t get her words out and she stammered incoherently.

Did she catch what Joe has?

You can watch the video below:


This is one of those moments when you watch this clip and you think “how did we end up here?”

There is a reason why she couldn’t win her own state and she had to bow out of the primary so early.


Nobody wanted her then, and nobody wants her now.

Sadly, we all know why we’re here.


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