We’ve been told that Joe Biden is the most popular “president” of our entire lifetime.


A bumbling buffoon who spent his entire life in DC, but got absolutely nothing accomplished and a man who can hardly string a sentence together and who puts a “lid” on everything, is the most “beloved and celebrated” politician in American history?

Do you believe that?

We don’t blame you if you don’t.

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And to make matters even more absurd – his VP is a woman who was so wildly unpopular, that she couldn’t even win her own home state in the primary and had to drop out early because nobody wanted her.

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But again, this “power duo” supposedly drew out 82+ million voters…

And two of those voters showed up in California on Friday to welcome back their beloved Kamala Harris.

Yes, TWO people.


Gee, where are the other eighty-one million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-eight people?

You can watch the video below:

This “Biden Presidency” is becoming a harder and harder pill to swallow.

It’d be one thing if we at least saw – with our eyes – all of this amazing support he supposedly has – but we don’t. We’ve never seen it, not even during the campaign.

We’re just told it exists.


And the left will say that’s because of the pandemic. But that’s hogwash. Biden doesn’t even have support in the virtual world. Ratings suck for his town halls, and nobody tunes in for his speeches.

And on “President’s Day” the only parades happening were for President Trump…I think that says it all, don’t you?


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