Everyone but the media is talking about sex trafficking and child sexual abuse. Yet, curiously, the fake news media and Democrats don’t want to talk about it.


Why is that?

Seems like this is the type of story the media would be all over…But they’re not.

Thankfully, there are still influential people within the movie industry who are speaking out.

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And one of those people is Hollywood producer John Paul Rice -he is the producer behind hits like “Juno” and “Remember the Titans,”  and he’s exposing the ugliness that lies just beneath the surface of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

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He’s of course, referring to child sex abuse and sex trafficking….and he’s fighting for the kids.

Here’s some of what he said:


“When the MeToo movement started in 2017 I reached out to several of my female actress friends who were prominent in LA, many of you would know them by name… and I said ‘What about the children?’ and the response was ‘We know, we know’ but they were silent on it. And it destroyed me because it destroyed my allusion of what rights, human rights were, children’s rights were. This is a child abuse system that we have been living in for a very long time and it’s been allowed to go on. I will not be silent about this… The people on television who smile at you, who tell you stories, who give you news, are the ones who hide all of this from us.”



Let’s hope more people like John Paul Rice keep speaking out.


If this happens, we can once and for all break up this evil and perverted cabal.


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