The Durham investigation is one of those “investigations” that we’re told is going on, but it doesn’t feel real.


remember when the Mueller investigation was going on? It was the top story on every fake news channel and publication for years

It’s all we heard about – phony story after phony story.

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But the so-called “Durham investigation” is like the witness protection program…so secret nobody even knows about it.

Well, that changed today – kind of – Durham is in the news, but it’s not for the investigation into SpyGate. It’s actually because he just lost his job.

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That’s right – John Durham has just resigned as US attorney because Joe Biden wants to replace the US attorneys with his own people.

But, we’re told that Durham will still be leading the “phantom” investigation into SpyGate.


From Hartfod Currant 

John H. Durham will continue as special counsel in the investigation of the origins on the Trump-Russia inquiry, but is being asked to resign as U.S. Attorney, as the Biden administration begins replacing top federal prosecutors appointed by President Donald Trump with its own nominees.

Among the federal prosecutors appointed by Trump, only Durham and David C. Weiss, the U.S. Attorney in Delaware, whose office is directing a tax investigation of Biden’s son Hunter Biden, are expected to remain with the justice department after the incoming administration asks for the resignations of the Trump appointees who have not already left.

Durham’s position directing the politically explosive inquiry into the Russia probe — and Weiss’ role in the Hunter Biden investigation — presented a challenge for the Biden administration.

Durham could not be reached Tuesday to discuss his plans. His office in New Haven declined comment.

Look, I have no faith in this “Durham probe.” I think it’s all a dog and pony show, and nothing will come of it anyway.


That’s not “defeatist.” At this point, it’s just reality.

The swamp covers for the swamp – and about 99 percent of the people in DC are part of the swamp.


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