As we get closer and closer to the sham impeachment trial, the left is really ramping up the drama-factor when it comes to events on January 6th at the DC Capitol.


It’s gotten so goofy, that on Thursday night, House Reps took to the floor in one of the biggest narcissistic “therapy sessions” you’ve ever witnessed.

Politicians stood before the American people and regaled their “heroic” moments on January 6th, as if they were talking about 911. These filthy rich, spoiled, and out of touch ding-a-lings, most of whom were nowhere near the “action,” cried and whimpered on the House floor as they talked about the horrific moment that they thought the world was ending.

It was stomach-turning to see, and it’s gross to even talk about it now. Especially when we have so many Americans who have lost everything, thanks to tyrannical lockdowns, and people who have a complete and total distrust of our government.

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Suicide rates are sky-high, drug abuse is soaring, unemployment is high, businesses and dreams have been shut down, and our nation’s kids are left hopeless, uneducated, and alone…but the main thing our elected officials are worried about right now is that they felt “scared” for an hour.

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You can’t even make up this kind of self-involved behavior. It’s disgusting beyond belief.

But of course, Dems and establishment RINOs have to do this because they need to make their political statements as we head into the ridiculous impeachment trial, where President Trump is foolishly being accused of “inciting an insurrection.”

And one of the most absurd parts of this entire sham is that we all sat here for three months watching the country be burned to the ground, innocent people being beaten silly, and 20+ deaths happen — and Democrats were not only silent but Kamala Harris and Biden’s staffers were also promoting bail funds to get these rioters back on the streets — because these people burning down American businesses were “heroes” and “fighters,” and just felt “frustrated” according to the left and media.

But people who believe their voices and votes were silent, they’re “insurrectionists.”

Give me a break.

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How dare those “revolutionaries”  scare the political elites…that’s the REAL CRIME, by the way.

So, while the rich, smug politicians want to talk about “trauma,” the regular American people have a response to that, and it’s these four powerful images from the “Summer of Love riots, and these are the photos that President Trump should hold up at his impeachment trial because these are the real truth.

This is the average Joe’s story.

I don’t want to hear about how some spoiled-rotten politician was “scared,” after they sat back and allowed businesses to be destroyed, people to be bullied, injured, and killed, and said nothing.


This meme here is perfect. It’s exactly how average Americans see this whole circus:

I am sorry, call me callous or whatever, but I don’t care how AOC and others feel, not when this country is going through hell.


I only care how Americans who are struggling to get by and make it through another day feel and I am so tired of these elites trying to take the spotlight off of what matters and put it on themselves.

Enough is enough.


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