It looks like Ilhan Oma might be winding up to become the left’s new “Mitt Romney. ”


She’s not quite there yet, but this latest tweet could be the first step towards being a huge thorn in Joe Biden’s side.

It all started when Joe Biden decided to bomb Syria just 36-days into his “administration.”

It certainly perked everyone’s ears up – especially after President Trump spent 4 years cultivating peace.

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It sure feels that way…time will tell, but the big defense contractors who lost money while peaceful President Trump was in office, are likely looking for a payday.

And that’s where Ilhan Omar’s tweet comes in.

It comes from a Tweet that WH spokesperson Jen Psaki wrote back in 2017 after President Trump ordered an airstrike on Syria.


Here’s what Jen said back then: “Also what is the legal authority for strikes? Assad is a brutal dictator. But Syria is a sovereign country.”

Uh-huh, interesting question, especially after what Joe just did, right?

And here’s what Ilhan Omar responded with yesterday: “Great question.”

Look, I am no fan of Ilhan Omar, but I hope like heck that she and her goofy squad keep this up and hammer the hell out of Biden.


The more chaos, negativity, and angst, the better for us.


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