The Dems are getting pretty gosh darn desperate in their second attempt to impeach Trump.

Much like the first time around, they’re grasping at straws, trying to find any possible angle that’ll guarantee Trump’s guilt.


But what Eric Swalwell did is deception on a whole other level.

A Twitter user noticed that during the hearing, her tweet was used by Swalwell, but one big thing was added: a blue verified checkmark.

As it stands this user has never been verified on Twitter.

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And why would Swalwell do that? Well, it appears in order to build more weight around this harmless tweet.

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And there are many other Twitter users who also found this entire thing from Swalwell very suspect.

Because Democrats are DEVIOUS DEMONIC EVIL SATANIC SNAKES! Yes it was a rhetorical question but I had to!!

Best part is she busted you Swalwell.

If he manufactured the verification tag, he should be admonished. However, is the tweet accurate, but for the verification?

Pretty sure doctoring evidence is a federal crime

Shouldn’t Swalwel be cancelled by @Twitter for misrepresenting facts of a Twitter user in a Senate impeachment trial?

In any of our 50 states, that would be tampering with evidence.

You should ask a US Senator to object to this falsified evidence and strike it from the record.


This was indeed a very devious move.

The tweet should be stricken from the record as it’s not accurately depicting the validity of the tweet.

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