The number one question on everyone’s mind when it comes to January 6th is  — why hasn’t the FBI revealed who planted the pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC?


How is it that these “mastermind” feds can round up all the MAGA grandma and grandpa’s but they can’t seem to locate who planted these bombs that the media is blaming on Trump supporters (with no proof)?

The FBI – who are the cornerstone of our nation’s intel and investigative foundation – can’t figure out who planted these bombs in a city with wall-to-wall cameras?

Sounds a little suspicious, doesn’t it?

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Conservative filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Ssouza thinks so…and he has a theory on what’s going on with the FBI.

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Dinesh was responding to independent journalist Mike Cernovich’s tweet where Mike said: “The real lesson of that Capitol event is that the FBI can’t find out who planted bombs the night before at the DNC and RNC. They are big tough guys when going after MAGA granny’s tho.”

Dinesh’s theory is a bit different though.


He thinks the FBI knows exactly who did it, but they just don’t wanna say…

Here’s what Dinesh said: “Could it be that they know but aren’t telling? The FBI seems to go silent whenever the identity of the perpetrators don’t fit the progressive narrative”

Dinesh is right – the FBI appears to be playing a game here.

And it’s not just Dinesh who thinks that…

If they were to come out and say “Antifa or BLM” planted the bombs, that would destroy the left and GOP establishment’s narrative that all of this was President Trump’s fault.


And furthermore, if it really was a Trump supporter, it would be blasted all over every newspaper and run 24/7 on all the media outlets.

That’s not happening, so you have to wonder why.

I think Dinesh’s theory is spot-on.

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