As we all know, the lockdown measures here in the United States have not been met with much support.

But Denmark just took their anti-lockdown protests to a whole new level, complete with pitchforks and torches.


These guys are kicking it old school!

Watch the video:

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Of course, it’s not just Denmark who’s had enough of these lockdowns as protests are now erupting in the UK and Spain.

From EuroNews


Around 1,000 people demonstrated against the new measures imposed by the government of the Balearic islands.

On Thursday it was announced that shopping centres bars, restaurants and sports centres will remain closed at least until February 15.

Protesters had planned to march to the regional parliament building, but a last-minute decision by the authorities forced the protesters to use their vehicles.

The island has seen its vital tourism seasons of last Easter and Christmas ruined by the pandemic and, despite news of the vaccine, things are unlikely to improve this year.

In many parts of Spain and Europe, bars and restaurants can open, but with tight restrictions.


Oxford, a city renowned for its university and historic pubs, is struggling through the current lockdown, with many pubs on the brink of closure.

“The government has yet to produce any conclusive evidence that pubs are a major source of Covid infections,” said Dave Richardson, CAMRA spokesperson.

“One survey I showed of the track and trace app, I think only three per cent, three per cent of infections were linked to a pub. That’s a tiny number. So we need to get real. We’re at risk of losing a very traditional part of British life.”

Some have already revealed they won’t reopen when restrictions are lifted, and while others want to they agree that now is not the time to start service again.

Paul Silcock, landlord of the Gardeners Arms said: “Right now would be so irresponsible. It would be ridiculous.”

“Pubs are a great place for people to sit really close to each other and drink more and ignore social distancing regulations and get angry and shout and have fun and laugh and everything that really does spray particles everywhere.”


It’s sort of comforting to see that they’re starting to feel the same as the U.S. on the other side of the pond.

And it’s awesome to see that they’re willing to stand up to their tyrannical governments and demand theses lockdowns end!

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