It’s not always easy getting older…and I am in no position to critique any woman for getting “work” done, trust me…


However, plastic surgery, or “work” should probably be “done lightly” because there’s a fine line (no pun intended) that women can cross where they’ll look even older, and maybe “deformed” if they push the knife (another pun) too far.

That appears to be the case with Demi Moore.

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She debuted a new “face” on the runway, during a Fendi fashion show, and she looked completely different.

I mean, I am not a doctor, but obviously, this woman has had some major work done…especially on her cheeks, which looked really odd on the runway.

From Daily Mail

Demi Moore has finally spoken out about her now-infamous turn on the Fendi runway last week – however the 58-year-old failed to discuss the viral reaction to her ‘unrecognizable’ appearance, or speculation that she had undergone plastic surgery ahead of the show.

The actress and mother-of-three stunned spectators when she stepped onto the catwalk at Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, where she showed off a dramatic transformation that left many questioning whether she’d had cosmetic work to alter her face.

In the days since the show, Demi has remained silent about the fierce speculation – and she remained mum about the plastic surgery rumors and her ‘unrecognizable’ face during a new interview with supermodel Naomi Campbell, although she did briefly address her appearance, describing it as ‘special’ and ‘very magical’.

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It can’t be easy getting older in Hollywood – it’s an industry based on vanity, and looks, so the pressure to “stay beautiful” must be stressful.


But, many people say this look Demi is sporting isn’t “beauty.” Beauty isn’t sagging “high cheekbones,” or a puppet mouth. In the end, gravity always wins, no matter how much money you have.

You can fight it for a little while and maybe hold it off with lots of pricey creams and “light work” here and there, but when it’s all said and done, gravity will bring you down (pun intended that time).


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