Biden’s public speeches seem to be getting worse by the day folks…

He’s always been a bit on the “confused” side, but lately it’s gone into almost full-blown amnesia.


This latest speech has gotta be one of the worst yet…he actually gets so bewildered, he blurts out to himself  “What am I doing here?”

Well, Joe, you’re not the only one confused as to why you’re there.

Watch the video:

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Then to make matters even worse, he has another slip up, where he states that “America will be the first in the country!”

Yeah no kidding, America is a country dumb dumb.

This has gotta be up there as one of his worse public speeches to date and many other Twitter users agreed.

it’s gotten BAD bad 😧😧😧 I continue to be shocked more every time I hear him speak!!

most popular president everybody

“What am I doing here?” yeah, we all have the same question joe.

“WHAT AM I DOING HERE?’ Good question – – many Americans are asking the same damn thing. 🤔

It’s not sad. And it’s definately not surprising. This is exactly what everybody saw but refused to see.

But but he has a stutter…..


Of course, any Dem will look at these videos and just blame it on his “stutter.”

But it’s abundantly clear that this is a lot more than jut a speech impediment.

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