While Trump and many other presidents would stay up all night long working for our country, word on the street is that Biden likes to hit the hay pretty early.


According to a new CNN report, Biden’s schedule sounds less like a man who’s leading the free world, and more like an 80-year-old at an assisted living.

Check it out:

From CNN

He has established a regular schedule, including coffee in the mornings with the first lady, meetings and phone calls from the Oval Office starting just after 9 a.m. and a return to his residence by 7 p.m. As he walks home along the Colonnade, he’s often seen carrying a stack of binders or manila folders under one arm. He still brings a brown leather briefcase into the office.

Unlike his most recent predecessors — night owls who spent the dark hours reading briefing materials (President Barack Obama) or watching television (President Donald Trump) — Biden is more of an early-to-bed type. He has continued a tradition of reading letters from Americans, a handful of which are tucked into the briefing materials he brings home in the evenings. Recently they have focused on the pandemic; Biden has also spoken by video conference with business owners and laid-off workers weathering the economic crisis.

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Wow. Done by 7pm, huh?

Sounds like quite a nice leisurely presidency he’s got going on.

Of course, these early bed times have people questioning Biden’s ability to run this country:

It’s pretty wild that reporting our octogenarian president falls asleep early in the evening is reported as a cute anecdote rather than a concern about his ability to govern.

The leader of the free world is out of commission after 7pm. That’s horrifying.

He adds logs himself! Only when his handler isnt there to take him to the toilet.

Why does it seem like a SNL skit in the making?

Freakin Trump never slept. Like ever. He was always ready for an emergency while Geriatric Joe can’t even stay up late enough to see the sun set.

What would the headline be if Biden were a Republican? “Biden unable to focus and not ready for 24/7 presidency”


This is all starting to sound very reminiscent of the “basement Biden” we remember from the campaign trail.

But unfortunately for him, the Oval Office doesn’t have a basement.

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