Remember when Governor Cuomo was placed on a pedestal and treated like a COVID superhero?


Heck, the guy was given an Emmy for his handling of COVID, and Biden and Fauci lauded Cuomo, calling his leadership the “gold standard.”

Good Lord…

Meanwhile, everyone on the right was screaming and yelling about the nursing home scandal, and nobody was listening.

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Well, it took a while and a lot of yelling, and mainly thanks to President Trump the whole world is now discovering that Andrew Cuomo is the “serial killer” of governors.

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And he’s no longer the “superhero…” he’s now the villain, and things are just getting worse and worse for him.

Take a look at the latest:


“Cuomo ex-aide accuses scandal-plagued NY governor of pervasive sexual harassment in bombshell essay ”

Serial killer and a budding rapist? I guess he really did earn that “Hollywood” Emmy, right?

Well, now, Don Jr. claims that he’s been hearing some chatter about what Governor Cuomo’s next move will be.

And it’s a doozy and a carrer-ender, to boot.

‘I’m hearing from people in NY that Andrew Cuomo is considering a preemptive pardon for himself in the nursing home scandal. If true, maybe he goes for a two-fer and throw another pardon in there for the sexual harassment? #cuomo”

Democrats and Republicans in New York are starting impeachment proceedings against Cuomo.


Things are really starting to get dicey for him, and it will not get better, especially now that the #MeToo stuff is coming out.

I don’t know what happened, but Cuomo must’ve pissed off a very high-power person to have his world come crashing down on him, because we all know that Dems rarely turn on each other like this.

Something happened and he’s getting some massive payback.


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