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Someone needs to file charges on this crooked congressman. What is it about these politicians that law and morality do not apply to them? If anyone in public did just as they have, he would be charged with some criminal offense.

It doesn’t matter if your Democrat or Republican this impeachment trial is uncalled for, and something needs to be done. I, for one, am tired of this country’s leadership. Discipline works everywhere else in our country except for Democrat men and women in Congress.


I find it fascinating that Liberals can’t be happy with or without President Trump.

It’s almost like an addiction. An essential part of their DNA is conflict and fear. The only unity that exists among the Democrats in Congress is that they hate President Trump. When they’re not complaining about President Trump and his programs or policies, they’re attacking anyone with who they disagree. Moving on from the last election in unity, not a chance. Peace? Never.

Just because it’s been done in the past does not make it constitutional. Remember, SCOTUS once held a black man was once worth less than a white man. The wording does not allow for the use of impeachment for civilians. “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

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Since Trump is no longer in office, he does not meet the standard for impeachment in Article II. Regardless, the judicial branch will never take up an impeachment question because of the separation of powers. It will always be left up to the legislative branch’s judgment (i.e., it’s political and always will be). That means the only avenue available is a criminal charge and trial and the burden of proof that accompanies such a thing.


Everyone could see that Democrats did this out of spite, out of hate, out of vindictiveness. They knew there was no chance they prove they, once again, made-up charges. They never had any hearings; they never heard any testimony, they never provided any proof. All the House did was “take a vote.” Unconstitutional.

Even the Chief Justice saw what a circus this was and wanted NOTHING to do with it. The Democrats have become the party of hate, the party of fear-mongering, the party of lies, the party of division, and their “cult” is too blind to see that. There was NO way this would ever make it through the Senate. So much for “unity.” With Democrats, we will NEVER see that.

It’s never going to sit well with a large portion of the nation that knows the only reason the Democrats want to convict is to keep him out of the office and/or to be vindictive. And just exactly like the last impeachment, this one has made a mockery of the process and distracted the president, the Congress, and the senate while a pandemic looked at large. And the idiots are still at it.

Congress is a sad joke. Both sides, but especially the left. If these imbeciles (ok, there are a few decent men and women amongst the imbeciles) had been running this country in 1941, we’d be speaking German east of the Mississippi and Japanese to the west. I’m with Ted Cruz – we need Congressional term limits. And once out of Congress, be it the House or the Senate, you’re out of DC except as a visitor or resident. And absolutely no pension or other benefits once out! It’s supposed to be public service, not personal enrichment.


After Obama’s failed insurrection coup attempt in 2016, Dems had to have a backup insurrection plan, including Russia, Russia, and Russia. After the 2nd insurrection plan failed, Dems with the help of Blamtifa, pushed for violence, burning, and looting in the streets. They even got bold and tried a strong arm that failed White House insurrection. They had to drawl back and decided to burn the capital church across the street. After all those failed insurrections, the only solution was an insurrection on the election using covid restrictions to harvest illegal ballots and give Biden the victory.

Maybe, just maybe, Democrats just wanted to give Trump one more opportunity to make them look stupid. He could say he was found innocent again, and it helps him when he runs for reelection.



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