Things are heating up ahead of the big January 6th date.


There’s a definite shift in momentum after the American people practically had to browbeat GOP politicians into fighting for fair elections.

For the most part, these GOP politicians have been very “meh” about the whole sham.

However, the message is finally starting to sink in: you either fight for Trump and your voters, or your career is over.

It’s absurd that we’ve had to harass and prod these idiots along this much, but the GOP is utterly useless, so it’s not a huge shock.

But you would think that the party who is always promoting “voter id” would kind of care a little bit when half the country thinks this election was a total sham.

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But the good news is that things are heating up thanks to amazing leaders like Mo Brooks, who has been with Trump every step of the way.

Mo talks about a conference call that just took place with the WH, and congressional and state lawmakers, to hammer out the details for January 6th.

Oh, to be a fly in the wall during this conference call, right?

From Just The News

As many as 50 House Republicans discussed with the White House and President Trump contesting the election results in Congress this week while the president’s legal team also briefed state legislators in key states.

The conference call between GOP lawmakers, Trump and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Saturday night came after a total of 12 senators also declared their intentions to contest the election results when Congress certifies electors on Wednesday.

“In my judgment, the primary reason so many congressmen and senators are now coming forward to fight this fight is because so many American citizens have made it known that this fight is critical to America’s future,” Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., one of the organizers of the call, told Fox News. He also tweeted about the meeting.

Brooks said not all of the 50 lawmakers who joined have committed to contesting the results yet but he expects the numbers to grow over the next few days.

“The momentum to fight against voter fraud and election theft is rapidly gaining,” he added. “And as a consequence, the numbers that we had who were supportive yesterday are almost always supplemented by reinforcements today and the next day.”

Meanwhile, White House adviser Peter Navarro said Saturday that a six-person team led by presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani briefed hundreds of state legislators on the evidence gathered of election irregularities.

Right now there’s a huge push to get the evidence that’s been out there – which the media has ignored – to the folks who need to see it most – Congress and state legislatures.


Look, there’s no denying that there has been some erroneous and over-exaggerated information floating around out there about the election – that happens on social media on both sides.

But there’s also no denying that countless whistleblowers have come forward with first-hand accounts of irregularities and fraud, and there is also a laundry list of scientists and specialists who have testified, many under oath, about the 2020 election “irregularities” and “impossibilities” and that matters to a whole lot of people – and if the Dems have an issue with that now, maybe they should’ve insisted on a thorough investigation into the election to “prove” Joe won this “historic” victory in the first place, instead of trying t0 ram it through.

They didn’t do that, and that’s why we’re in this situation, fighting like hell for our voices and our votes to be heard.




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