I hope you’re sitting down for this one.


I will tell you what, I saw this video online and as I was watching it my jaw hit the floor.


Well, because the media, Dems, and even the GOP have been telling me that what happened at the Capitol was an “insurrection.” It was a “civil war,” and it was worse than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Another Bizarre Turn of Events Casts Further Doubt on “Capitol Riot” Narrative

The Dems said what happened inside Congress was so bad that the President of the United States had to be impeached because he incited an “insurrection.”

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So, I thought of all of that as I watched this footage, and I’ll tell you what – it felt like I was in the damn twilight zone.

The “face” of the so-called “insurrection” – the “Viking hat” guy (who is a Green New Deal/Climate Change activist, by the way) has been propped up as one of the people who stormed the castle in order to get in and “hang Mike Pence” — remember that lie the media reported non-stop?


Well, now we have the actual video of what happened the moment he walked into the Senate chamber, and trust me when I say this…It’s NOT at all what you’ve been told.


Here are some of the comments on this new video:

“after seeing this… how did this guy get inside. How did any of these people get inside. almost looks like they were just let inside. not sure, just this doesn’t seem like some super planned take over. More like some rednecks playing “hold my beer””

“These people made AOC “fear for her life.” Not excusing what they did, but it’s terrifying how politicians are maximizing their platforms over this.”

“Doesn’t seem like anybody really cared they were there. Cops seemed fine with it. This is insane”

“But they shot the woman trying to gain access to a hallway….something is up!”

“Cop says “sacredest place”, what is so sacred? Theft?”

““The sacredest place”? Maybe at one time, now it’s a whorehouse that deserves no respect.”

“Possibly the lamest “insurrection” in history.”

“we got played. All lies’

“He walked right in with a cop”

“My, an escort and everything!”

“The beaches of Normandy – IN REVERSE”

“Friendly staff, most peaceful insurrection ever.”

Folks, I think we’ve been “had” again…


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