Buckle up, because THE REVOLUTION has begun, folks.


There’s a line 3-miles deep right now, marching in the streets of DC for our election integrity, our vote, our voices, our county, and for Trump.

Take a look at this:

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Oh, and as an added bonus, the “F*CK ANTIFA” flag is flying high and proud.

The GOP traitors and usurpers, China, and the Dems must be shaking in their globalist commie boots right now as they watch this revolution unfold.

You want a “color revolution” Deep State? Okay, you’ve got one and it’s RED, WHITE, and BLUE.

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And we’re just getting started.

This isn’t going away. We will destroy the GOP, who are working behind the scenes to usurp our will, and our causes, and then we will take down the communist left and China.

But first, we must focus our energy on turning the Gand Ol’ Party into dust, and we do that by taking out these frauds one by one in primaries and replacing them with strong America Fist candidates who will fight to restore election integrity.


No more piles of paper ballots delivered to every home in the US…the only reason that was allowed to happen in the first place is that the GOP worked WITH the left to take down Trump. That was the plan, they did nothing to stop it because they were part of it.

We know that now, and we will fix it now.

Stay strong, and don’t be deterred – the fight has just begun and in the end, we will win.

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