A Seattle woman gardening and planting flowers on the sidewalk was kicked so hard in the head that she suffered 10 major facial fractures.


The woman is a 56-year-old, who was “beautifying” her city when a young male who was strolling down the street hauled off and kicked her so incredibly hard that she suffered fractures to her cheek, nose, sinuses, and eye socket.

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You can’t believe how hard he kicked her. It’s stunning.

You can watch the video below:

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The good news is, this scum-bucket was captured.


From Fox 13

Today the suspect was arrested after someone in Belltown spotted him and called 911. Jane says their actions mean so much to her.

“It’s amazing to know that after people not showing any empathy or care with what happened to me, at least somebody out there still does care.”

Jane says she is so thankful for how law enforcement jumped on her and the other victim’s case. But she is still troubled by the reaction of the people around her when she was attacked. She says she hopes the people of Seattle will stop ignoring violence and actually step in and help.


Crime is soaring right now in liberal-run Seattle, which is home to many violent Antifa and BLM agitators, and liberals who want to “defund the police.”


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