During President Trump’s amazing four-year term he accomplished so much, even while the Dems tried to block him at every turn.


They threw everything but the kitchen sink at President Trump and fought every last one of his moves with the fire of a thousand suns.

The left weaponized the judiciary and used “activist judges” to go after President Trump to try and cripple every move he made.

And that’s what we have to do against Biden…

But sadly, we have a GOP leadership that is more interested in impeaching President Trump than fighting against Biden and saving this country from a fate worse than hell.

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Thankfully, though, the State of Texas “gets it” and knows how this game works and they just showed the worthless GOP leadership exactly how to fight and get a “win” against Biden.

Look at what Texas did…

“REUTERS: U.S. judge blocks Biden deportation freeze nationwide following legal challenge by Texas”

Every single EO that Biden signs should be fought in the courts. Every last one.

Even if we don’t win them all, we need to fight every single time. No exceptions.

Just like this popular pro-Trump Twitter user said:


“This is only a start. There needs to be a legal challenge to every executive order.”

And any GOPer who isn’t doing this should be called out and primaried.


This is our best weapon to stop Biden, because unlike President Trump, what Biden’s doing is bad for America, and abuses our Constitution and the likelihood of courts siding with us is good.

All Biden wants to do is appease his nutbag radical communist base – we’re still trying to Make America Great Again.



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