I wish Republicans would grow a spine.


A majority of Republican voters believe their voice and their vote was just stolen from them. That’s huge. That’s the biggest ever slap in the face to a patriotic American. It’s political blasphemy.  So, this phony-baloney show of bipartisan “unity” is more than just the usual “stomach-turning” stuff, it’s downright insulting at this point.

But Republican politicians – all of them – are living in a bubble. These dopes actually think a side-by-side photo of George W. Bush yucking it up with Pelosi and Obama is somehow “comforting” to the American people – like, we look at that and say, “oh, how amazing, our government is unified.”

Oh, please. 🙄

Our government is a disgusting swamp, and it’s a private “boys club,” where the “will of the American people” is not welcome. Ever.

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So, Biden’s installation “inauguration” might not have been the best moment for Scalise to try and virtue signal this sickening and fake “unity message.”

And he really pulled out all the cringe-worthy stops.

Scalise decided to bring his friend Donna Brazile as his “inauguration date.”

For the love…

Brazile, who is probably one of the most divisive, nasty, combative voices on Fox News – which also happens to be the most traitorous network around and going through a “free-fall” in the rating departement because of it.

Steve should work on uniting the American people with the GOP right now – and she should spend more time discussing election integrity and how to solve this Bigg Tech mess, than dating Donna Brazile and passing it off as some great “unifying” moment.

From The Hill 

GOP Rep. Steve Scalise (La.) has invited former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Donna Brazile to be his guest to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday.

“I thought it would be a good show of unity,” Scalise told The Advocate. “It’s important we all focus on trying to bring the country back together. We all need to play a role in trying to achieve that.”

Brazile said she had reached out several weeks ago to see if Scalise would invite her to the event. According to the former DNC chairwoman, she and Scalise have been friends for a long time, having maintained good relationships with Republican officials throughout her career.

“I’m so honored to be a part of this history,” said Brazile with regard to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s historic role as the first female, African American and Asian American person to hold the office.

“The theme of this occasion is America United, and together we will witness the peaceful transfer of power,” she added.

Can you feel the love and unity? No? I didn’t think so…

This country has never been so divided as it is right now, and to try and show this phony “unity” after you wouldn’t even fight for our “vote,” is disgusting beyond words.


So, while I like Steve Scalise, and I think he’s been a great supporter of Trump, I do think that he, like the rest of the GOP, treated “election concerns” like they were the plague. He and the other reluctant GOPers, only came around when their constituents applied a massive amount of pressure.


I truly believe that even those who honestly supported Trump, still prefer to go back to “business as usual” in the DC swamp – and honestly, that’s the only thing DC is “unified” over.


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