Well, it’s not that often that you’ll see establishment GOPer Scott Walker sticking his neck out for President Trump, but here we are.


I will tell you what, this sham impeachment (second one) has really pissed off a lot of people.

Not only is it yet another desperate ploy by Dems to go after Trump for no reason whatsoever, but it’s not even going to work — and the fact that they’re still pushing this unwinnable nonsense is a major stain on our country and our Constitution.

But Dems don’t care about the country or the Constitution. All they care about is power and feeding their radical supporters with 100% Communist Trump Hate.

Piles of it…

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This impeachment has zero chance of happening. ZERO. Many legal/constitutional experts like Johnathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz say it’s not even “Constitutional” to be doing this to a private citizen.

Yet, even so, once again Dems reckless and irresponsible behavior opens the door for future fraud, and weaponizing…sounds like the 2020 election all over again, right?

Well, it’s so absurd and such a blatant disrespect to our system and our Constitution that even establishment types like Scott Walker are coming out loud and bold to defend President Trump.

Here’s what Walker said in his two tweets:


“The U.S. Senate cannot convict a former President. The U.S. Senate cannot convict a former President. The U.S. Senate cannot convict a former President. The U.S. Senate cannot convict a former President. The U.S. ”

and he followed that up with: “And they will not. Period.”

Walker then shared this:

Ya know, if Phony Joe really wanted to “unity,” he’d tell his radical party to stand down and stop with this nonsense.

But he doesn’t.


The Fraudster in Chief wants nothing more than to try and destroy the most popular president in US history.

But in their desperation to “takedown” President Trump, the Dems don’t realize that they’re actually making him so much stronger.


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