There is no denying it, a large swath of the US public is absolutely fed up and disgusted with our “Let Them Eat Cake” tyrannical/lying government.


I don’t need to list all of the things that Americans are pissed-off over – I think by now we all know what’s going on, and the fact that things just keep getting worse and worse, in terms of “silencing” Americans now, isn’t helping matters. It’s making things worse.

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Yet, Democrats and their stooges keep pushing and pushing.

That’s why you’re seeing Americans speak out more – like what happened to Chuck Schumer during his “impeachment” press conference…that’s right, the Dems are once again impeaching the President – 8 or so days before he leaves office.

They can’t get us $2k or open the country up, but they sure can impeach Trump…and they don’t realize what this looks like or how angry it makes people?

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And while they’re doing this, they’re calling for “unity.” It’s all a joke and a stunt, and people are getting tired of it.


So much so, that this heckler literally destroyed Chuck’s impeachment presser – and look at Schumer’s face – he looks so surprised that this is even happening.

How can a lowly peasant speak to me this way?

You can watch the video below:

And that’s the issue, folks. These political elites are so out of touch with the American people that they’re actually “shocked” and “surprised” and can’t understand why Americans are fed up.


These are not people who represent us anymore – these are people who rule us.


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