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You can use this advice now or later for all of you that support what Big Tech is doing to conservatives. If you want to be a protected open platform, be an open platform. If you what to edit what people say, be a publisher. It’s one or the other; you can’t be both.

I wish social media would completely shut down. I was there before/during/present on the social media boom. First-generation of folks. We are headed in the wrong direction, and the consequences will be detrimental to this country.

We can’t lose sight that one of the biggest contributors to lies and misinformation on social media is the news media’s failure. Most of the media have shown blatant favoritism towards the democrat party. They started by hiring people that worked in Democrat administrations, such as Jake Tapper and Stephonopolous. You can’t be objective with people like that delivering the news.


The other day, a story circulated on Facebook stating the FBI had to evidence that Capitol rioters wanted to abduct and execute congress members. The media heads ran with the story as if it were legitimate, but later in the day, the FBI said this was not true. I can’t help but wonder if Facebook ever labeled the original story as misleading or unverified when it was circulating?

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One thing we do know, the media didn’t apologize for their incorrect reporting.

How about everyone just putting down the iPhone and the iPad, turning off the mainstream media once and for all, and living your life. Take care of your family and friends, go to work, take care of your homes. Live your life.

Stop being angry and find a worthwhile hobby. Do some volunteer work at an animal rescue or children’s hospital visit the elderly in a nursing home (when the pandemic is over, of course).

People need to go back to when they did not feel the need to share everything about themselves with everyone else or listen to the media try to persuade us to follow their opinions instead of giving us the facts. (because most of us really don’t care).

We need to stop getting so easily offended by what someone says or thinks and remember they are entitled to their opinion, if we like it or not. Now, I don’t add the network news media in that request because they aren’t supposed to be in the opinion business in the first place. The more they get away with their practices, the more this country suffers.

As for these online social media platforms, I don’t need to know anything about you or your life, and you don’t need to know about mine. I don’t care what race, sex, or religion you are, what country you came from, or anything else about you or your opinions; you live your life, and I will live mine.

However, you do not have the right to cancel my opinions or push your agenda down my throat, nor do I have the right to do that to you. Get it!? It’s simple!


Pres. Trump has been warning us for months and months about big tech and the mainstream media; the difference is that Trump wants free speech for all and not for us to be silenced as it should be. I don’t remember Trump pushing to stop anyone’s speech like the big tech platforms and mainstream media.

Democrats want us to be silenced as long as they agree and it fits their evil agenda. And Trump never incited violence nor riots like the BLM, talking about voter fraud, objecting to the vote, and telling his supporters to be peaceful is NOT inciting violence. Voter fraud is real, and the left will and has done anything and everything to remove Trump from office illegally.

Sorry liberals, but free speech is protected under the 1st amendment. If you don’t like it, don’t visit the site, watch the TV channel, or listen to the radio station. Better yet, move to China, and I’m sure you’ll fit in nicely.

This is America, not communist China opinions even if we horribly disagree with them should be heard when people feel unheard, you get violence. You don’t get love and peace by silencing opposition. You get silent radicalization.

One thing is true; the left would commit suicide if they got rid of Twitter and Facebook. The withdrawal would be tremendous. I wonder if Phizer can make a vaccine for that.



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