Nancy Pelosi is either too old and senile to do her job, or she’s just plain dumb.

Maybe both?


Either way, she’s the one who should be impeached, not Trump.

Her blind hatred of Trump and her Stage 55 TDS is causing her to act wildly and her actions are now putting America’s security at risk.

That’s what a Department of Defense official just said in response to Pelosi’s insanely absurd suggestion that President Trump is so unstable he’ll get us in some “nuclear” war before he leaves office in 12 days.

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Here’s what she said:

And now she’s back on “impeachment” again. Gee, I think she’s the one that needs a mental competency exam, don’t you?

This is what the DoD official said in response to Pelosi’s half-baked comments:

“Pelosi lacks understanding about how the U.S. nuclear arsenal is employed. Her remarks are “silly” and “it makes America look weak and weakness is provocative,” says a Defense Department official who advises nuclear commanders (Politico).”

So, let’s get this straight…Pelosi, who claims Trump is a “danger” to the country, doesn’t know what she’s talking about – even though she’s been in this job for about 124 years,  and her reckless comments are the ones actually putting our country in danger?


If that’s the case, when is Pelosi removed from office?


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