Today, the House voted to impeach President Trump….again.


It’s a silly, pointless stunt.

They don’t even have time to convene the Senate for a trial.

Another Democrat show, paid by the American taxpayer who is already strapped thanks to 2,000-page stimulus bills, lockdowns, and other tyrannical measures being imposed by the China Democrat regime.

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Here’s a list of the traitorous Republicans who voted for the second sham impeachment:

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During today’s sham impeachment hearing stunt a congressman from Pennsylvania put Pelosi in the hot seat.

Congressman Scott Perry asked some very serious questions about Pelosi, Dems, and the FBI.

Here’s what he said:

“What did Speaker Pelosi know? The FBI knew about individuals that were planning an attack on the Capitol, and they shared the information with Congress but nothing happened. How does the President incite an attack that was pre-planned and already underway before his speech was concluded?”

You can watch the video below:

It’s not a secret that the American people are angry over a whole slew of things – lockdowns, election, 2,000-page stimulus bills, etc. etc. So, there were certainly patriotic Americans who were at/around the Capitol. No one is denying that.


But with that said, we now know the eruption started before Trump’s speech was even over, and several people arrested and/or identified are well-known radical activists for things like climate change – not exactly a “MAGA” type issue since President Trump doesn’t even believe in “climate science.” Why would anyone who is passionate about climate change support a guy who thinks it’s all hooey? They wouldn’t.

Also, if the FBI was aware of a threat, huh? Was Trump notified? And why did Capitol police invite people in the door if there was a credible threat?

So many questions…

However, the chances of the Republicans getting to the bottom of this and finding out if there was a “setup” are about as good as them investigating “2020 election fraud.”


In other words, don’t hold your breath.


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