Today, the House passed more articles of impeachment against President Trump.


They can’t get you $2k, or fix big tech, or do basically anything for the American people, but they sure as hell can keep impeaching Trump.

During the communist festivities, Speaker Pelosi gave her predictably nasty, untrue, and hateful speech.

But it was not so much the speech that alarmed people – we’re all used to her intoxicated rhetoric by now – it was the zoom-in on her face that had people wondering what the heck is going on.

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Pelosi looks and sounds, tired, drawn, and on her last leg, to be honest.

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So much hate swirling around in that body of hers, it’s probably eating her alive.

Her eyes have no life in them, she seems “checked-out” and lost.

Kind of like Joe Biden…

So, it wasn’t shocking. when one online user zoomed in on a portion of her speech and captured poor Nancy’s contorted and twisted face.

His one question for the shaky, babbling Speaker was “You ok?”

Indeed, that’s a good question…is she okay? Doesn’t look like it, does it?


Here’s what some people said about the image of the tattered and weathered Speaker.

“Looks like bells palsy”

“Did she have a stroke?”

“She took the vaccine “

“Horner syndrome or maybe Pelosi is just a patched up relic.”

“she’s melting.”

“That’s probably her normal look”

“Stroke or drunk?”

“Hung over” 

“WTH?!? Good lord, her face is melting….hahahahahaah”

And my #1 favorite comment…

“Her face still isn’t as crooked as her political career!!”

Here’s Pelosi’s full speech, if you can stomach watching all those lies in one sitting.



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