Mitch McConnell was never at the top of any conservatives favorites list, and after his shameful actions the past couple of months he’s slid even further down.

Although his latest move against Trump may have conservatives taking a big, black sharpie to his name.


According to sources, McConnell is pushing for Trump’s impeachment big time because he blames the president for the GOP losing the Senate majority.

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Well, Mitch, it looks like conservatives are “done” with you as well…

I know it may be difficult but look in the mirror Mitch

Interesting…they better hope impeaching Trump doesn’t make his movement more powerful.

We are also “done” with McConnell. He should have retired 10 yrs ago

Look in the mirror Mitch. The truth will be known. Very little difference between R & D. Playing we the People for fools.

Who was it that denied $2000 checks the week of the GA runoff?
That’s who cost the R’s the Senate.

So destroying the Constitution didn’t worry him? Just losing his position as Majority Leader? Nice.

Holding up the $2,000 stimulus checks didn’t help, Meotch.


McConnell is in a deep hole and he just seems to be burying himself deeper and deeper.


He really does need to take a hard look at himself and see how his actions are destroying himself and the Republican Party.

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