President Trump’s top aide Jason Miller has revealed what his focus will be as he settles into life outside of the White House.


…and it’s much needed and very powerful stuff.

Jason says that we will all see President Trump emerge as the nation’s leader on the issue of ballot and voting integrity.

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Bravo, and nobody knows better what no election integrity can do to a person than President Trump and his voters.

Here’s what Jason said about President Trump:

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“”You will see President Trump emerge as the nation’s leader on the issue of ballot and voting integrity” ”

The GOP, Dems, and the media are doing their very best spin job to try and convince 75+ million Americans that 2020 was on the “up and up.”

It’s not working.


We all have eyes and we all saw what happened and what didn’t happen and nothing the left, big tech, or the GOP says will ever change that.

We don’t trust media or politicians. We trust what we see and hear with our own eyes and ears.

Having Trump step up at a crucial time like this, when a massive majority of Americans don’t believe their vote matters anymore, is a massive life-line and much-needed for the country moving forward.

This can never happen again.

And in actuality, talking about it and making changes will help bring people together.


Trying to ignore something that so many Americans are angry and passionate about, and just sweep it under the rug is not only insulting to a huge chunk of the country, but it’s also creating more and more division.


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