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According to the Kentucky Standard, Sen. Mitch McConnell has been censured! The article went to read: “The leadership of the Nelson County Republican Party unanimously approved issuing a formal rebuke of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell Tuesday evening. The unanimous vote of the 11 members of the executive committee came about six hours after McConnell took to the U.S. Senate floor and said President Donald Trump provoked a violent mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.”

I’d like to see Mitch McConnell censured by all 120 counties in the state of Kentucky. Then, I’d like to see them yank the treacherous backstabber “root and branch” from his comfortable senate seat and tar and feather him.

The damage this crooked politician has done to all law-abiding Americans cannot be put into words. McConnell is in up to his eyeballs with the Communist Chinese; that’s why he’s running around groveling to the Biden Crime Family. What kind of useless floundering political party would ever make a traitor like this their senate leader?


It couldn’t happen to a weaselier guy. What was McConnell thinking? He couldn’t possibly think that his betrayal would go down well with his constituents. Maybe he’s trying to convince people that Joe Biden won legitimately? I couldn’t think of a worse reason.

He needs to understand real quick that Biden, in all likelihood, is a fraudulently elected president, AND that means that a MAJORITY of the American people DID NOT vote for Biden. So what good does it do to tick off (an already ticked) American people who legally re-elected a president who was not Biden? But both McConnell and Liz Cheney seem h**bent on committing political suicide.

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Regardless of how either of those turncoats felt about Pres. Trump, the former Commander-in-chief, although not only the party’s choice, was America’s choice, and THAT is what should have mattered. But both let personal bias get in their way of doing their duty.

McConnell will now, perhaps, think twice about what he has to say in the upcoming sham impeachment trial. The thing to watch for is whether Chief Justice John Roberts will preside or demur. If he chooses to preside, he should be impeached as soon as the GOP is in the majority again, as such a trial is patently not even contemplated in the Constitution. Congress does not get to claim any ‘implied’ powers, and to go forward with impeachment that is not allowed by the Constitution would be to do exactly that.

Let it be known, McConnell is the result of the 17th amendment. He sticks his finger into the populist air to see which way the mob’s emotions are running. Think about it in these terms, 120 years ago, McConnell would have been beholden to the KY legislature, thus providing a necessary buffer between the seat of the senator and the mob. But your ancestors of 120 years ago, in their infinite idiocy, made the senate another House of Representatives, beholden to the mob, when they ratified the 17th amendment.

We need a multi-front process, and one is getting rid of the 17th amendment that took an assignment of Senators by Legislators rather than the popular vote. This gutted the power of the states over the federal Leviathan. With the tenth reinstatement, a Senator can be recalled anytime, and then we don’t have to play games with terms limits on these characters.

Who was more concerned about the safety of this Nation’s people, who were also more concerned about the American Citizens and green card holders’ financial welfare- it sure isn’t Biden, and it sure isn’t the Democrat or Republican parties. The DC Swampers know the biggest threat to their rule is Freedom of Speech.


There are no longer Democrats and Republicans, only political elites. Sure, they have labels, but their actions betray the labels. We live in dangerous times. Encouraging someone to “identify” as pineapple is praised by the media, while on the other hand suggesting following laws is label traitorous or racist. The fan is on; the fat lady is singing, it’s only a matter of time before the two are introduced. We are Venezuela.

I’m am still an independent conservative. I am not a butt-kissing lackey who is more interested in keeping the global status quo instead of standing up for America and Republican principles. Globalists have no interest other than self-interest, and that self-interest does not include the well being of humanity but a delusional belief that they are “as gods” and can live as such at the expense of the rest of humanity even if it means that the rest of humanity perishes just so that they can live as they please.

Now let the chips fall where they may, and may both of them, along with the other RINO traitors, sleep as well as they can in the bed they have made.



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