Maxine Waters should’ve stayed under the radar.


The loud-mouth Dem, who was last seen inciting violence on video when she urged her followers to go after the Trump administration, recently thrust herself back into the limelight with a series of nasty comments about President Trump and his supporters following the January 6th melee at the Capitol.

Now, Waters is back in the headlines, but not for the reasons she probably wants.

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It was just discovered that Auntie Maxine has funneled a whopping one million bucks to her daughter over the course of one year.


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But here’s the kicker…it’s not just Maxine’s daughter who got money…other family members did as well.

From Bizpaceview

Rep. Maxine Waters has paid her daughter more than $1 million since 2003 through her various campaigns, according to an analysis of federal election data.

In all, the California Democrat has funneled north of $1.1 million to daughter Karen Waters for campaign-related services to including $250,000 from the most recent campaign, the Federal Election Commission noted.

Most recently, Karen Waters organized slate-mailing operations in order to bolster her mother’s re-election campaign, the FEC data show.

The practice of slate-mailing is uncommon in federal elections. It involves hiring a consulting firm to create a pamphlet-like document containing a tally of candidates or policy initiatives while advising people how to vote.


As for Karen Waters, she is not the only family member of the vociferous opponent of former President Trump who has profited from her mother’s campaigns.

The Los Angeles Times reported in 2004 that various other members of the family had been paid more than $1 million in the previous eight years related to businesses and campaigns linked to Waters.

However, the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee distanced herself from those payments at the time.

“They do their business and I do mine. We are not bad people,” she told the Times.

Throughout the 2020 election cycle, Waters made more than 30 payments to her daughter, most of the money going for Slate Mailer Management Fees. In all, there are more than 160 payments from the congresswoman to her daughter since 2003.

You’ll also recall that Ilhan Omar funneled nearly 2 million bucks to her Husband’s “E Street Group,” a political consulting firm.

That’s been going on since 2018.

Yet, even so, Republicans did absolutely nothing to investigate her.


And that’s the reason why Dems get away with everything that they do – because there is literally nobody to stop them.

The GOP is worthless in every sense of the word.



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