Matthew McConaughey has many people buzzing over his latest video that he recently posted to Twitter.

In this video he conveys an interesting message where he says in 2021 that it’s on him and everyone else to “testify.”


There are some who believe that this is a sign that McConaughey has some kind of “dirt” that he’s looking to spill.

Check it out:

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This also may just be a promotion on his new book that released in October 2020.

From The Nerd Daily

The concept of Greenlights, and the origin of the title, is that greenlights tell us to continue along our path, both in traffic as well as in life. We like finding a greenlight, though we recognise finding a greenlight is a combination of both skill and luck. McConaughey also talks about how sometimes we come to red lights or yellow lights, but these can ultimately become greenlights. It may be a matter of timing, perhaps we needed our attention drawn to something before we proceed, or maybe even a bit of a detour. The idea though, is to look at how we see challenges in life, and how we respond to them, because that is up to the individual and that has everything to do with the outcome we get.

Using this concept, McConaughey looks back over his first 50 years and illustrates how some of his red lights turned green and how he has always kept his eyes open for the next green light. There are journal entries, poems written in junior high, and bumper sticker slogans throughout, but this is primarily a memoir full of engaging stories.


Regardless of this being a promo for his book or not, it’s a curious message for McConaughey to be sending.

We’ll have to see if it carries any merit.

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