Well this could be among the most insane meltdown over a piece of fabric ever.

An unhinged woman was captured on camera absolutely losing her marbles over a delivery worker not wearing her mask “properly.”


She screams, cries and pounds on the walls of the elevator all over this mask…it’s absolute insanity.

Watch the video:

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Users on Twitter had some hilarious and shockingly accurate observations of this epic meltdown.

Someone needs to tell this crazy heifer that getting worked up like that all the time weakens the immune system. Hahaha

Imagine what she had been told and what she believes to generate this hysteria. As first I laugh then I realize that the koolaid is some strong mojo and it can make people whacko.

Good luck to any future boyfriend lol

This is what happens when the government peddles fear in service of a political motive… this is bred hysteria.

New rule: if you’re unstable/afraid enough to yell at complete strangers stay home, or be prepared to accept the impending ridicule/shame/verbal beat down

Look at the fear that MSM has instilled in this girl… She really believes a sheet will save her from imminent death. So sad.


This woman’s behavior is indeed disturbing.

It’s tragic the fear and panic our media and government have instilled in the public.

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