British Trump-supporter Katie Hopkins is in DC right now and boy oh boy does she have an interesting “take” on things.


As soon as I was done watching this clip I raced to get it to you because it made so much sense to me.

Remember back during the 2020 campaign, when Biden spent most of his time in the basement – and even when his handlers did drag him out, he had nobody show up to his so-called rallies?

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The left and media blamed that on COVID – they said the hordes and hordes (82+ million??) Americans were such responsible pandemic citizens that they worshiped and celebrated the “great” Joe Biden from afar.

That was total horseshit and we all know it. He had/has no support and they just didn’t want you to see it.

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Well, the same goes with this “inauguration” or installation as it’s more accurately called — Katie Hopkins says that the real reason they don’t want you in DC is so they can control the messaging and tell you whatever story they want and you won’t know any better.

It’s also to cover up the fact that Biden literally has zero on the enthusiasm scale.


This whole “election” is one big propaganda push.


Everything that’s happening around us is either not as it seems, or it’s being twisted and turned into whatever narrative the state-run media wants it to be.


And that’s not a “conspiracy” theory folks, that’s reality, and anyone who tells you different is either clueless or lying.


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