There are times where being a white woman is embarrassing…and this is one of those times.

A white liberal “TikTok” mom is facing tremendous backlash for forcing her young kids to kneel and pray to black women, thanking them for “getting rid” of President Trump.


In the bizarre video, which looks like a straight-up case of mental illness and child abuse, the mom is holding a toddler while her other kids kneel and worship black women in the background.

She adds a caption that says “me teaching my white boys how to behave.”


Oh, good Lord, why do white liberal women behave this way?

You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what the woman, who’s name is Justine, said about her creepy video:

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“I took it down after listening to some black women and their concerns. Others want me to put it back up because they loved it. Either way I’m grateful they helped get rid of trump.”

Here are some of the responses to this nutjob:

“from one mom to another – you should have your children removed from your home. no mother should ever use their kids as a social justice “accessory” to get clicks and likes online. It’s gross beyond belief. You should be enrolled in parenting classes and therapy ASAP.”

“Child Protective Services should’ve been made for this exact thing. Child abuse.”

“Her kids should be removed from her home. she shouldn’t even be allowed to have house pets. This is so gross.”

“Sound alike a pretty normal thing to have your kids do that can’t possibly backfire in the future”

“People do anything for attention. And she shouldn’t have her kids out there doing that.”

Even liberals hated this nonsense:

“this is obnoxious self glorifying theatrics. Just phone bank and knock doors for candidates who will improve the lives of black women.”

“Just vote progressive and support black owned business wtf is this performative nonsense?”

Well, this is…weird.

As a woman, I can assure you that we are ruining this country.

Feminism is cancer and it’s eroding the family, schools, nursing, and politics.


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