The biggest joke of 2020 was that Joe Biden – a bumbling unpopular establishment stooge – won more votes than the “beloved” first black president Barack Hussien Obama.


In truth, nobody in their right mind believes this nonsense – some people may be in denial, and others so filled with weird “Trump rage” that they can’t think clearly, but normal people know that this so-called “historic victory” is a total sham and no amount of media propaganda will ever change that.

And it seems like everything Biden touches turns to complete sh*t.

Even his pathetic New Years’ Eve message, where and his “non-doctor” wife Jill, couldn’t even release a “popping device” on live TV.

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You can watch the video below:

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Notice how these two frauds laugh and chuckle away all their failures? It’s always Jill “laughing” when Joe can’t tell if she’s his wife or sister.

It’s always a “joke” when Joe forgets where he is, or what time of the day it is.


Yes, the whole world just one big laugh for cheater Biden and his fraudulent wife, while the rest of us look on in complete horror.


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