I don’t care who you are, liberal, conservative, populist, or climate cultist…watching this dystopian “Hunger Games” show unravel in DC is creepy as hell.


Why in God’s name would any “US President-Elect” need upwards of 30K armed troops to protect him at some goofy virtual “inauguration?”

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None of this makes any sense, and Americans are looking on in horror.

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I saw this video clip online about this very topic, it’s funny, but it’s also true.



Many argue that if Biden were actually elected by some 82+ million Americans you would feel that vibe in the air and the groundswell of support for him would outweigh any resistance, with ease.

However, we’re not seeing or feeling that. As a matter of fact, the only people we see defending Joe Biden are the lackeys in the state-run media.

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I remember when Obama splashed on the scene…As a Republican, I took one look at him and thought “oh boy, we’re screwed.”

When great leaders come along you can “feel” the energy in the air. The same thing happened with Trump. The buzz and excitement are palpable.

That never happened with Biden…why? I think we know why.

Independent journalist and filmmaker Mike Cernovich has one of the best “takes” of all.

I read this tweet of his and thought it was genius and spot-on.

Here’s what he said: “Generally speaking the coronation of a new president when surrounded by an occupying army is the definition of a coup.”

I think he nailed it with that keen observation, how about you?


I mean, when you think about it…we had a 3rd-world banana republic election, so why would it be any different for the installation process?


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