You’d think if your husband was a career politician for 1000 or so years, you’d kinda know the “obvious ropes” by now, right?


Well, not for “DOCTOR” Jill, apparently. The good “doctor” wasn’t paying close attention to the “details” all these years and it came back to bite her in a humiliating way during her husband’s “inauguration.”

As the Biden’s shuffled down the hallway, Jill reached out to “shake” an Honor Guard’s hand.

Whoops. Big no-no, “Doc.”

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Obviously, Jill was just aching to create a “PR” moment that all the liberal minions on state-run Twitter could fawn over…”OMG, so amazing, Jill is just creating so much unity…omg!!!!…” etc., etc.

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However, that plan totally backfired.

Strict protocol states that Honor Gaurd does not react – so Jill was left looking like a complete fool.


You can watch the video below:

Here are a few of the comments:

“You would think that as long as her husband has been a politician they would have at least some rudimentary knowledge of Honor Guard protocol…DON’T TOUCH”

“Brilliant, “doctor.””

“For a Dr, she’s not too bright!!!!”

“Damn, that was his chance to slap the cuffs on …”

“What an idiot”


It was a rookie mistake and a really embarrassing blunder.

And that was just “day one.” I have a feeling there be a lot more horrific blunders where that came from.


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