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Why does it feel like Donald Trump is still President? I guess they’re trying to impeach the guy sitting in the Oval Office in Mar-a-Lago.

And again, Trump exposed what Washington has been trying to hide for decades; both sides are working together to keep the status quo, keep “Lobbyists” (aka money delivery people for the ultra-rich, special interests and big corporations) coming, selling us out to China & Co.

Many Americans feel like it’s time for a third, fourth, and even fifth party. Is that where you are? The two parties we now have are so similar the lines have become blurred. Millions of people out there do not agree with either party and their downward spiral into socialism, and trust me; the Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats; make no mistake about it. The Tree of Liberty is indeed in need of refreshing.

I became an Independent conservative during Barack Obama’s first term. I have voted for both DEMS and Republicans over the last quarter-century only because there is no Independent party (which has enough to support a win). That stated I believe there must be an Independent party. Otherwise, the same old thing keeps happening, and America keeps becoming more corrupt.


We just had a poll today claiming a new party would push Republicans back to third place. If we really want to clean this up, we need new people in D.C. Some politicians from both sides might be salvageable, but the vast majority has been corrupted to the core. Revoke their benefits for life, and let’s find out who is really there to help the country or enrich themselves.

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The swamp is still deep and murky. Trump couldn’t drain it the way it’s currently constructed. I can’t tell who’s friend or foe, so maybe it is best to start a party afresh? Even at the expense of a conservative split vote, timing may be perfect because there is a chance the moderate and progressive left could be internally split as well.

Moderate Republicans and Moderate Democrats have more in common with each other than they do with their own parties’ fringe elements. Trump is not really a Republican; he was a billionaire who heard the people’s voice, their philosophy beyond anger and grievances and set out to do something about it. Bernie Sanders doesn’t even pretend he’s a Democrat but both captured large followings. Every other democracy in the world has more than two parties. It’s time the U.S. broke these party monopolies. It has worked for a long time, but it is getting to the point where nobody can trust the U.S. – policy whiplashes from left to right and back again every four to eight years. More parties would mean more compromise and less whiplash.

Love him or hate him, Trump got everyday people excited actually to vote. Something both John McCain and Mitt Romney couldn’t do. The pre-Trump GOP establishment is dead and should be buried. Jeb Bush didn’t excite anybody, and both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are too ‘career politician’ to get the vote counts needed in the purple states. Pence could only win the solidly red states in a national election. This next wave of impeachment voting in the Senate will decide the GOP and Donald Trump’s fate.


A vote in favor of impeachment will once again solidify the GOP as an establishment party, satisfy the corporate/donor base, and give people like Mitt Romney and Cindy McCain their pound of flesh. It would also help GOP senators in the blue/purple states keep their seats. They do this at the Trump voter’s cost at the polls because we are not loyal to the GOP.

A vote against impeachment will keep Trump in the GOP and keep a 2024 Trump bid alive, but it will cost the GOP seats in both the house and the senate. Either way, impeachment is a win-win for the DNC, and republicans will lose out long term, which is why Nancy and company are moving forward with it, even if it is unconstitutional. It’s time for a 3rd political party representing the people, similar to the UK’s labor party. I don’t know if Trump is the person to lead it; he might be; we don’t seem to have anyone else with the financial where-with-all or popularity to pull it off.

Democrats will create any crisis or diversion to keep Republicans on DEFENSE. Just look at the current crisis/fade narratives created by Democrats (riots, immigration, stimulus, Social Media/Twitter). It is all meant to create a diversion from the real issue — Election Fraud.


The Republicans need to stay focused on the Election Reform Law issues. This needs to be their NO. 1 (#1) PRIORITY before the 2022 Elections, or the Republican Party will suffer another devastating loss in House and Senate control. Rand Paul is correct about Election Frauds, it did occur, and this needs to be corrected.

I am a firm believer that primarying all of the Never Trumpers and the RINOs to make sure that we have a clean Republican slate. I am tired of those weak links getting back into office because they have been there long enough to raise their competitors out.


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