Disney has been taking a lot of hits as of late.


There’s an online push right now to call out Disney’s degeneracy, hypocrisy, and what many believe is overall evilness.

Disney has built its fortune and power off the backs of kids and families, and many people believe that Disney is actually a deeply evil and dark force that is destroying lives, not building them up.

A 2014 report by Breitbart reveals that Disney is hiring a wildly large number of child sex offenders. The report says an alarming number of Disney World employees have been arrested in recent years for alleged child sex offenses.

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Thanks to tactics similar to ones used on TVs To Catch a Predator, law enforcement officials have snared at least 35 employees at the family destination since 2006. One worker was accused of watching child porn while on the job, according to The Daily Mail citing a CNN investigation.

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The latest round of arrests last week netted another 13 suspects, including four who at some point worked at the sprawling Magic Kingdom.

Disney has insisted the theme park is so large, with around 70,000 employees, that those arrested represent only 0.01 percent of people it has employed since 2006.
One law enforcement official wants Disney to take action on the matter by starting a mandatory polygraph test before new hires join the company.

One online account that has consistently called out the entertainment industry for degeneracy and hypocrisy is An Open Secret. They do very good work – which means that Twitter and Facebook will be deleting them soon. That’s how this works right?

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Here are a series of Tweets calling out Disney for a laundry list of degenerate actions.

In this tweet below, they call out Big Tech for allowing violent Disney film producers to remain online but punish child advocate Gabe Hoft.

The “swamp” always protects their own, right?

In this tweet, they reveal that Disney hired a convicted child molester to work on a children’s TV show.

They also point out how quick Disney was to fire Roseanne over a tweet. But child molesters are “okay?”


How does that make any sense?

This next tweet calls out actor Steven Wilder, who was convicted of “child grooming” and molesting a 14-year-old girl.

He only served 6 months in jail and then landed a sweet role in “Iron Man.”

I also came across this article about a former Disney child star who was on the popular show “That’s So Raven” who is being accused of attempting lewd acts with a minor. A girl he’s known since she was 4-years-old.

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From ET Online

The 27-year-old actor, best known for starring on Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven and Cory in the House, has been sued for allegedly attempting to commit a lewd act with a minor, among other things, according to court documents obtained by ET.

Massey is being sued by a 13-year-old girl for intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence per se (harmful matter sent with intent of seduction of a minor), negligence per se (attempting to commit a lewd act with a minor) and negligence per se (annoying or molesting a minor). ET has reached out to Massey’s rep for comment.

The girl, who remains anonymous in the court documents, claims that she and her mom met Massey in 2009, when she was just 4. She says Massey maintained contact with her over the following years. The lawsuit claims that Massey contacted the girl’s mother to invite the girl to stay with him and his girlfriend in Los Angeles, so he could help her find an agent. After that, the girl alleges that Massey started to send her sexually explicit texts, images and videos.

We could be here all day discussing the degeneracy going on at Disney and Hollywood in general. There is something seriously wrong with this company. At the very core of who they are – or who they’ve become is rotten.


And all of these sick and twisted people are the same folks who wag their fingers at us, calling us “racists” and “Nazis” for who we vote for.

Enough is enough.

Let your voices be heard – stop paying these pedophiles a salary by watching their movies, buying their merchandise, and visiting their “magic kingdoms.”


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