Mike Pence has made his decision.


It doesn’t shock me, I never had any faith in him. Honestly, I figured he was “in on it.”

He will not do the right thing and put a stop to an election that many people believe is a total sham.

As a result, Pence has been “evacuated” from the building by Secret Service.

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As you can imagine, Trump supporters are furious.

They believe that their votes were stolen.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Hundreds of Trump Supporters Breech Capitol Building and Overrun Federal Police

I can’t think of anything that’s worse than that, can you?

They stormed the barricades and made their way to the Capitol building, ad after some tussles with police, they made their way inside and also outside.

You can watch the videos below:

We’re also getting word that Russia has hacked Congress as well.


Pray for everyone’s safety. Pray for President Trump.


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