We’ve been told by the media, the Dems, and the establishment GOP that there was a MAGA-led “insurrection” at the DC Capitol on the 6th of January.


They even impeached President Trump over the ‘insurrection” and 10 House Republicans (traitors) voted for it.

Days and days of nasty media coverage and listening to the GOP shame MAGA followed the incident –  and Biden turned his installation “inauguration” into a North Korea dystopian nightmare over it.

Yet, since the “riot” at the Capitol, many videos and arrests have challenged the media’s narrative.

People are wondering why this so-called “MAGA” insurrection has seen Democrat arrests.

John Sullivan, who was really riling people up inside the building is actually a BLM activist, according to reports and photos of his past radical protesting.

Who’s the biggest “GOP” traitor?

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Another gentleman who was there is the son of a prominent judge, and both father and son are registered, Democrats.

And so many videos show cops actually letting people into the building.

It’s a very confusing message with a lot of questions.

And now, there’s another, even more damning video that’s emerged.

This one shows a Trump supporter, wearing his MAGA gear, at the Capitol, as the “seize” was underway…he’s telling at the police, demanding to know why they were allowing this to happen and hadn’t called backup.


You can watch the video below:

This video casts another huge shadow of doubt against this “insurrection” narrative.

If this was a coordinated “MAGA” attack, why was this man so confused?


But even more damning, why were the police seeming to allow this to happen and why didn’t they call for backup?


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