This video shows a truly disturbing side of America that probably no one thought they would ever see.


According to this shocking video, Trump supporters were being confined to their D.C. hotels last night after the explosive pr0tests at the Capitol.

Check it out:

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This is really frightening to see…

It’s truly unprecented for officers to hold people captive in their hotel rooms, especiallly when they appear to have done nothing wrong.

Twitter users were also horrified by this shocking display by police.

Isn’t that kidnapping or holding someone against their will!?

This is just the start of the full blown American police/millitary state. I truly think that was the reason behind today.

Since when has the hotels been more important than the Capitol??

Why didn’t any of this police activity take place in the city’s that were burned to the ground and people’s lively hood went up in smoke? This all looks sooo staged!🤬

The blue is not what we thought they were. I see a lot of cowards in yellow vests right there. They only “enforce” the law when not in danger. Throw a bottle of urine at one of them and they cower.


These really are frightening times here in America.

Free speech and expression are literally being taken away bit by bit.

Never thought we would see this day come to pass.

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