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Have you seen Joe Biden’s proposal for distributing money after he takes office on January 20th?

According to The Washington Post, Biden’s stimulus plan, which includes the increased COVID stimulus payments of $1,400, would cost $1.9 trillion. Many American workers would end up with a total of $2,000 in stimulus, including $600 checks dispensed in recent legislation.

But it doesn’t stop there. Just think of it like this. Pres. Trump didn’t want to give money to Democratic states that allowed leftist-led riots to destroy their cities along with government and private property. Biden is going to turn around and give them that money.

If you did not see this coming, you would wear blinders. Plus his $15/hr minimum wage will kill parts of the economy and push unemployment even higher. We do not need a “national” $15 min/wage. Some areas do but not the whole country and with spending like banshee Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress along with the White House, it appears more likely they could pass a stimulus package.


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Before everyone gets giddy about the money, ask yourself where it’s going to come from. It will be taxed at 45% as any bonus funds typically are. Your 2,000 will actually be closer to $1100 when you pay the taxes on it. Further, Biden will raise taxes and eliminate the Trump tax breaks, so your taxation liability will be substantially higher than under President Trump.

The unfortunate thing is people in our country really believe money grows on trees. This loan of taxpayer’s money to the taxpayers will put us about 30 trillion in the red. That means children born in the next 30 seconds will owe the government about 90k. We are not pulling in enough tax dollars to even make a payment on the loan. So it doesn’t matter who is running the government. Because the government is running out of money to borrow. Think about what happens when the banks collapse again, inflation runs wild, and food is the only thing of value. Pity the children.

The national debt is what Democrats use to enslave citizens to their plantation rules. Having a large financial deficit legitimizes the reasons for Democrats to have higher taxes, more allocation for the poor, and the burden of businesses (small and large) to pay their “fair share.” In the end, it’s not the poor or rich who suffer the most, but the working class caught in the middle who neither have the resources nor who hasn’t been destroyed enough yet to make meaningful change. As in most cases, eventually, the government runs out of other people’s money, and stimulus checks become lottery rations.

I have news for Joe Biden. “Minimum Wage” means “Minimum” wage! It doesn’t matter what the amount is; it’s always going to be the minimum paid to anyone in the country. When the minimum was $7.25, a value meal at McDonald’s was $4.99. So, that wage bought roughly 1.5 value meals. At $15.00, that same meal is $10.49; guess what, $15.00 still buys. If you raise that wage to $100.00 an hour, guess what, that value meal will be $68.95! I haven’t accomplished anything.

After the demolition of small businesses that Washington could have prevented, They want to throw seeds to the people who have zero chance of recovering their homes, businesses, and savings. This money is not for the people who have suffered the most it’s about another stimulus for the Democrat base, or they would have acted sooner in Trump’s term. So disingenuous are the politicians.


Let’s take a walk down memory lane. One of Barack Obama’s first acts was an 870 billion dollar “stimulus plan.” It didn’t stimulate the economy or create jobs, but it became a corrupt slush fund for the dems. Obama put Biden in charge of making sure fraud didn’t happen. 8 billion went to solar panel “manufacturers.” Not one solar panel was made, and the money was never fully accounted for—Obama part two.

Remember Obama’s stupid “Cash-for-Clunkers” program? It was supposed to create jobs by increasing new car sales—didn’t do it because the experts figured out later months car sales were lower than they would have been without extra sales during the program. So it didn’t result in new jobs either. It was supposed to get gas guzzlers off the streets to reduce pollution and save gas—but a lot of people bought SUV’s instead of little cars, and some of the vehicles traded in WERE older gas guzzlers but were actually vehicles that were sitting most of the time in driveways, not being driven regularly. And, of course, the trade-ins had to be crushed to remove those alleged “gas guzzlers” from America’s roads. Hahaha! Again, a big fail. Many of the trade-ins that got crushed were, in fact, usable and sound but older smaller cars. So the net effect was to remove a lot of decent older used cars from the market, driving up used car prices for poorer families who could not afford to buy a new car. The overall cost to the govt/us taxpayers was $1.4 BILLION. The lesson is, a nation should never let some so-called “Constitutional law professor” and the Dem Party elites dictate what the economy must do.

Many Democrats promote Socialism, not because it is good for others but because they believe it will actually be good. None of them would be willing to exist as a Plebeian, under the constant control of a ruling class. Dems believe they are now in the incipient stage of developing Socialism in America and that the system will reward them for their efforts and make each of them one of the high levels of force. They feel as if they are investing now to receive great economic rewards in the future. Dems envisions much power and wealth passing through her hands, and that much will stay with them.

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You have to question the timing of it all. The Dems really missed the boat last fall before there was a vaccine. They had a chance to put out something meaningful, and they held the ball because they did not wish to do something productive when Trump was in office. Trump forged ahead anyway and gave States the power to support their people, developed an infrastructure to deliver a vaccine, and actually afforded companies working on the vaccine an unobstructed way to develop and get a vaccine approved. This all happened through the administration none of it came through the House of Representatives.

America is watching.




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