We’re not even a week into this Biden fiasco and already we’re seeing countless liberals posting “regret posts over their vote for decrepit establishment flunky Joe Biden.


Regret posts like this are everywhere – clueless, low-info liberals who were spoon-fed utopian fake news by state-run propaganda machines like CNN and MSNBC are confused and angry.

Now, as reality sets in, these nincompoops are “shocked” that Biden is the useless, phony DC Swamper that we all said he was.

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But it’s even worse for old Joe – it looks like he’s having a hissy fit, according to OANN, who says their White House source claims Joe is so mad right now that “steam is coming out of his ears.”

So, why is Joe so mad?


Well, according to OANN, Joe is fuming over California Governor Gavin Newsom’s sudden decision to lift his draconian COVID restrictions.

Newsom is *this close8 to facing a recall vote – about 300K signatures away, actually, and his staff and advisors are worried sick.

Many people, including Joe, believe this is why Newsom is suddenly easing up on his tyrannical and pointless lockdown orders, and Joe is livid.

From CBS News

California lifted regional stay-at-home orders across the state Monday in response to improving coronavirus conditions, returning the state to a system of county-by-county restrictions, state health officials announced. CBS San Francisco reports the move opens the way for a return to limited restaurant dining, religious services and other activities.

Governor Gavin Newsom said Monday the state’s hospitalization rate was down nearly 20% statewide over the last two weeks.

“We are in a position, projecting four weeks forward, with a significant decline in the case rates, positivity rates, we are anticipating decline still more decline in hospitalizations and more declines in ICUs and that’s why we are lifting that stay-at-home order effective immediately today,” he said.

Here’s what reporter Jack Posobiec said: “BREAKING: Biden furious at Gavin Newsom for lifting stay-at-home order. Thinks he is only doing it out of re-election fears. “Steam coming out of his ears,” per WH official.”

Biden is likely livid because this desperate and political move from Gavin flies in the face of Fauci’s latest claim that we should be wearing not one, but two masks.

This is the same clown who told us a while back not to wear masks – claiming they were basically just a “security blanket.”

COVID being a “mess” was never Trump’s fault.

It was always the fault of these moronic so-called “experts” who flip-flopped all over the place, as they desperately tried to spin their virus into a political free-for-all.


Poor Joe. It’s hard to whip up fear when not all of your liberal soldiers are on board.



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