Joe Biden, and his non-doctor wife Jill, and his radical sidekick Kamala and her husband posed for a dystopian photo in DC.


As you know by now, the Capitol has been turned into North Korea on steroids, with some 65K troops, tanks, helicopters, walls, and now bullet-proof glass.

There are no actual crowds of Americans attending Biden’s installation inauguration, instead, he’ll be surrounded by pompous elites, global flags, and military.

Doesn’t that sound like a chipper all-American fun time?

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It’s an absolute hellscape, but a perfect picture of what 2020 was all about. After the 2020 sham, nothing could be more fitting than watching the creepy military coronation of Bumbling Buffoon Joe Biden.

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But it’s the recent pic of the “gruesome foursome” staring off into the ice-cold military abyss of the DC swamp that has many people wondering, “what the hell is Biden so scared of?”

That’s because in the photo you can see what appears to be a bullet-proof shield in front of Jill and Joe.

There are no people there, so why is Joe so paranoid?


Here are some of the comments about Jill and Joe’s photo:

“Illegitimate “presidents” stand like cowards behind bullet-proof glass, you dementia-riddled sham.”

“I think the answer is simpler. He has dementia and might walk right off into the pool if there were no guard.”

“Biden is so paranoid he’ll get picked off by angry Americans,” when in reality, the lady in the tan coat is the real threat.”

“Ballistic barrier for the photo op”

“The world’s largest teleprompter.”

“Well..last time they put normal size telepromter, he couldnt read it. So, there you go”

“Probably orchestrating a false flag assassi-nation of bidden so Kamala can declare emergency takeover of the USA.:”

“I am convinced that we are living in a circus and the clowns are running the show. This Biden administration is such a joke.”

“Gotta love the optics here. The “President” is pushed off to the side, behind a glass wall. Meanwhile the VP is front and center with the Washington monument in front of her. When she’s sworn in as POTUS, the left will fawn over this pic.”

“Its symbolism having their backs to the camera shows contempt for everyone who voted legally as well as the real promised leader in front of the obelisk”

“He is so afraid of the 80Mill voters he has, or he is scared if his own Military “

“Why would a terrorist try to kill them, they get everything they demand!”

Biden and Harris will b the least popular “admin” in the history of this country, but you won’t know it because the media and Deep State will control the messaging and polling and will do their darndest to make them appear to be the most popular.


But it won’t work, when they realize that, that’s when things will really get weird.


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