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I have no sympathy for anyone who voted for Joe Biden because, unfortunately, they just didn’t hurt themselves but also the rest of us. Their hatred for all things Trump will now destroy this country if the Lord does not step in.

Conservatives are posting on their timelines that Democrats have buyer’s remorse because Biden isn’t doing stuff they wanted. Let’s be real for a few seconds. Biden hasn’t been in office seven days as of yet. I think it’s hilarious how those on the right side of politics want to make a point because many are still hurt over not being vigilant in making sure Trump won a second term.


As I have said, if many of the rich conservative organizations had thought about local and state elections and running right-leaning politicians for those seats, we wouldn’t be in this situation. The steal happened there, not in DC, so as you watch our side use self-righteous posts to make themselves feel better, understand our side failed Trump too.

There is absolutely no excuse for anyone today to be uninformed politically. It’s imperative! There’s no excuse for willful ignorance. We tried to warn people what would happen, and they hung on to their tunnel vision. They are getting a real re-education they didn’t bargain for. Not an ounce of pity do they deserve.

I also believe that so many people vote based on who they like and not their policies. When I was in high school, cheerleaders were elected based on athleticism and popularity, which I believe is the correct way to elect a cheerleader. But the student body president was elected based on the campaign speech and promises. At least we once knew and understood how to vote for “elected positions.”


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Part of the reason for having all those elected positions was to teach us the important things to look for in voting for a candidate. But we treat all political offices now as if they’re a popularity contest. We completely disregard the reason politicians even exist. Politicians exist to protect our precious Constitution that has codified into law our God-given natural rights.

As you say and I join in the chorus, God help us all!

These left-wing voters are Charlie Brown, and the Democrat leaders are Lucy with the football. They will never learn how many times the Dems lie to them, they will believe them and wind up flat on their backs, and the Dems will walk away with their vote and the football, again.

The fact that Biden wanted to be the first official from the Obama administration to support the redefinition of marriage should have told everyone that he’s no moderate.
He’s a deviant leftist like the entire democrat party, and it should come as no surprise that he’s going along with every deranged leftist wishlist.

As for our side, we need to start advertising hard all the good things about conservatism. The Left has been using advertising tactics to peddle their communist propaganda/bilge for quite a while now. Conservatives need to do that too, but we can actually use facts as our vehicle to advertise the good of conservatism, real patriotism, and the American way of life (America as founded).


Conservatives have too often taken their blessings for granted by assuming that everyone understood its good. Still, we let the blaring colorful circus show of the lying Left take the country out from under us. Now we need to start taking it back by living the ideals of conservatism loud and proud but utilizing whatever means available to us to advertise, advertise, advertise the facts and the goodness of it all.

The only way to compete with a loud and raucous circus is to be a bigger, louder, and more raucous one.


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