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A legitimate President would not need to be sworn in under the protection of 25,000 armed soldiers. This is how elections work in Venezuela. No, the Democrats are putting on a show of power, get that, power. They are projecting this to happen if you choose to protest the Biden presidency and the Congress.

Reports are being released that 25,000 troops have been called up to “protect” the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden. Think about it in these terms; these 25,000 troops were never called out during the summer and fall by Democratic mayors and governors in New York City, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc., to prevent rioting, murder, looting, and brigandry. No troops to help law enforcement restore order, protect property, or citizens’ rights.


Just a free ride for Marxists, Socialists, BLM, Cancel Culture, Antifa, Liberals, Progressives, and an entire criminal class to tear our nation apart without consequences. So now that several thousand Trump supporters marches on the capitol, fewer still run through the building and send a reality check to our legislators – it’s time to call out the troops for protection. When organized, insurrection is organized, armed groups disregard organized law, attack the police and take over a city or occupy sections of a city for weeks on end. That’s when mayors and governors need to call in the National Guard. This is just theater for the media and the politically hysterical.

Do you remember the riots during President Trump’s inauguration? Remember how many boycotted the occasion? In the meantime, our Republicans that ensure the elections’ steal was not corrected ARE going to the inauguration. We’ve been retaken! President Trump isn’t a politician. We would need 100 like him to ensure that we get a fair election.

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Just think what the National Guard could’ve done last summer when cities were being burned, and businesses looted. Suddenly lots of Governors have no issues bringing in the Guard now. Funny how that works.

It’s not that difficult to under that Joe Biden doesn’t care about our cities or our people. His greatest concern is ensuring he’ll get his 10% from selling out our country. Why in the hell does it take 25,000 troops to guard one phony broken down, mentally challenged president-elect when our current president has the courage to stand up to the DC swamp, phony media, and nefarious DNC without a troop insight.


I commented on people I associate with back in March 2020 to look in the mirror if you want someone to blame. The year 2020 has been the year of self-destruction. When times are tough, that is when you have an opportunity to really see what you are made of. The pandemic proved to be less about health and safety and more about people’s rights and disinformation. The fact that we look at our neighbor as the enemy instead of the enemy abroad is a real testament to where we are right now.

With all the hoopla and theater, Dems are going to be sooooo disappointed when nothing happens. Of course, they will claim it was because they were so prepared. At the same time, most of us know that we don’t care enough about their pretend intelligence reports and silly attempts to create yet another crisis, to be interested in either watching or participating!

You’ve got to wonder if the National Guardsmen are torn on being there to defend the very people who defunded the police and basically could care less about anybody but themselves. Trump and his supporters support the National Guardsmen and the police. It’s amazing how the politicians don’t believe the average person needs protection, but they need 25,000 of our nation’s best resources.


I wonder when they will open everything back up after the inauguration? I mean, at what point do they think the rioters will give up, or are our resources going to be tied up there forever instead of other places they need to be (like patrolling the border).

The bottom line here is that this optics view of military strength shows we have a government that wants to control by fear. They clearly know nobody will try anything with 25k troops, but it’s the visual of dominance they want to project. Crack the whip! Reminds me of the communist-controlled countries in our world history. The big picture here, though, is they fail to see their involvement in this mess, nor do they care.



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