A clip from an altercation between a park ranger and a Navajo man went viral recently.


The left jumped on the clip, using it to show how “law enforcement” attacks innocent people of color for no reason.

Here’s the clip that they shared:

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It was the typical BLM type narrative, and in typical BLM fashion, once the actual truth came out, their “victim” narrative was shattered.

It turns out that the short clip that the left paraded around the internet to sully the name of the park ranger did not tell the entire story.

The park rangers released the full bodycam footage, and the actual story is much different than the “BLM-like” narrative the left pushed for an entire day.

From Washington Examiner

A day after the media expressed shock over a video of a man in a New Mexico national park being tasered by a United States Park Service ranger, expanded footage revealed today showed the victim lying and refusing police orders for seven minutes.

In the expanded footage, Darrell House, who gave a different name to the officer, repeatedly refused to identify himself and walked away despite requests to stay with his friend and dog.

What began as a friendly interaction and request by the officer on Sunday to avoid the area sacred to Native Americans ended when House began filming the officer, refused to put his dog down as asked, and started yelling, “Help!” At that point, the unidentified officer tasered House.

Even after he was tasered, House refused the ranger’s orders.

The National Park Service released the video today and said, “While the incident remains under investigation, we are sharing more details and the facts as we know them in an effort to provide as much transparency as possible. Prior to the officer using his electronic control device, or taser, the officer attempted to resolve the interaction with an educational contact and simple warning. During this initial interaction, both individuals provided fake names and dates of birth to the officer.”

Secrets has been told that the officer has received threats due to the initial reporting of the incident. Many outlets have suggested it was a brutal interaction and did not have the earlier video. What’s more, they have played up that House is a veteran and Native American.

House was hit with three charges. He was identified in the media, not by the National Park Service.

You can watch the video below:


Once again, this is further proof that we need to see the entire video in order to get the full story because this park ranger was demonized for no reason.


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