As you likely know by now, tyrannical governor Gavin Newsom is in big trouble.


Newsom was already unpopular before the absurd COVID lockdowns took place.

Forest fires raged out of control, electricity was cut, homeless people everywhere, and streets covered with drug paraphernalia and human feces…welcome to “Tinsel Town.”

Now, add to all that the fact that Newsom is using COVID lockdowns to kill the already-bankrupt state by shutting down businesses – mainly restaurants – while he goes off and wines and dines himself and his fancy friends at swanky French restaurants.

Let them eat cake!

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The good people of California are over it and they’re trying like hell to get him recalled…and the good news is their efforts are working.

Conservative actor Scott Baio just shared some very damning news for Gavin Newsom – they’ve only got 400K signatures to go to make this recall a reality – the walls are closing in on Newsom.

Now, 400K might sound like a lot, but in a state as big as Cali, with as mad as people are, it’s actually not. They’ve really, really been picking up steam lately – not to mention, some Dems are even hopping on board…that’s how unpopular these unfair COVID lockdowns are.

Don’t be fooled – Gavin is in trouble.

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Here’s what Scott said: “CALIFORNIA!!!! We need 400K more signatures! We CAN do this!!!! Please sign, share and retweet this. RECALL @GavinNewsom”

The group Baio promoted is making a final push before time runs out. They have until March 17th to get their signatures and they are fired up.


As a matter of fact, Governor Fancy Hair’s advisors are actually worried.

They believe that if this momentum keeps up, their boss may face an actual recall.

Yep, and let’s hope the same thing happens to the tyrant loon running Michigan as well.


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