Well, we told you we’d bring you an update if we got more info, and here we are, just two hours later…

Pastor Burns – who has been a close friend/advisor to POTUS lit the internet on fire with a bombshell “breaking” tweet claiming President Trump would pardon Julian Assange.

As you can imagine, the tweet went mega-viral, even Edward Snowden commented on it, and it was trending on Twitter for quite some time and caused a lot of hoopla. 

As Mr. Snowden said, many folks hoped this news was true, but alas, it appears it was not.

Pastor Burns just posted an updated tweet, citing his “source” on the matter was not correct. 

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Here’s what he said: 

“Regarding #JulianAssange tweet, Inadvertent tweet, faulty source, please disregard!”

We wanted to make sure to update and get this correction to you as soon as we saw it. 

However, I’ll leave you with this tweet I happened upon from a Breitbart news writer while I was searching for updates on Pastor Burn’s tweets: 

“Pardoning Julian Assange would be a MASSIVE blow to the Deep State that worked overtime to thwart @realDonaldTrump’s agenda and steal the election.”

/End update

Pro-Trump Pastor Mark Burns just dropped a BOMBSHELL tweet, and if it’s true, this is an absolute gut-punch, slap in the face, and big middle-finger to the Deep state.


We all know that many, many people have been urging President Trump to pardon Julian Assange.

Now, we also know that nobody hates Julian Assange more than Dems, RINOs, China, and Deep State.

What Assange did in 2016 helped to get President Trump elected – because by releasing all the DNC emails showed the world what lying hypocrites our politicians truly are. Trump was running as an outsider – just like he did again in 2020 (and won again, by the way) – and removing the mask off the globalist establishment was a huge boon for Trump and his message.

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Needless to say, after that, Julian Assange became Dem/Deep State public enemy #1.

And Communist China can’t stand him either – they don’t like anyone who has the freedom to out the elites and the rise of Trump was a devastating blow to them.

Meanwhile, the Bush globalists have been out in full-force campaigning against any pardon for Assange or Snowden. Trusts me, these people don’t want you and me to know what’s really going on and they throw around words like “national security” to make their point.


But Pastor Mark Burns just flipped all of that on his head with a bombshell tweet that simply reads: “BREAKING: President Trump will pardon Julian Assange.”

Personally, I hope this is true, and I hope that the Deep State feels the shock and reverberation from this move, and others to come, for a very long time.

This would be a clear message that the “little people” matter most and we deserve to know what the powerful elites who control our lives are up to.

As of this publishing, there’s been no official word from the White House on this tweet from Pastor Burns. We’ll keep you updated.



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